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The most valued variety

Wonderful One

This type of pomegranate is the most known and most valued variety in the world because of its healthy benefits for people.

Compared to other varieties of pomegranates, this type of product has the longest serviceable life going up to 6 months in controlled environmental conditions. In addition, it is also very resistant to cracking.

Its flower has a typical reddish color and during the fruit produces a lot of juice.The harvest period lasts from mid-October to mid-November.

Organic and extra virgin olive oil

Kalinjot and Frontoi olives

“Kalinjot and Frontoi” olives certified both: organic and extra virgin olive oil, 100% cold-pressed to preserve the highest levels of flavor, nutrients and anti-oxidants. Olive oil production is of great importance in health benefited. This is mainly due to its fatty acid composition, characterized by a high monounsaturated-to polyunsaturated fatty acid ratio, and to the presence of the minor compounds. Some of these compounds have a powerful antioxidant activity as well as biological and nutritional functions and endow added value to extra virgin olive oil in terms of vitamin E content and anticancer properties.

The phenol compounds content is an important parameter in the evaluation of virgin olive oils quality because they contribute to oil flavor and protect them from oxidation through their radicals scavenging metal chelating properties.