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The company was established in 2017. Our activity is primarily focused on the cultivation of pomegranate and olive oil products and exporting the products to different countries.

The Agro HRP3M plantation is located in what is knows as the “Levan field”, adjoined on the west by the Adriatic Sea, 2 km to the east by the Fier’s bypass, to the south by the Vjose river and to the north by the village of “Darezezë e Re”.

Organic pomegranate

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Eat organic.

Agro HRP3M owns an area of ​​50 ha, 10 of which are planted with pomegranate of the type Wonderful One. Inside the plantation a reservoir is built, which is used specifically for irrigation of the entire surface. The irrigation system and the quality of the pomegranates are taken care of by some of the most prestigious companies in the world, performing laboratory tests every month so that the product is within any European standard.

Regarding olive oil in the area of ​​Cakran, the factory has been functioning for more than 7 years now, which has an annual activity producing about 50,000 liters, but according to the requirements and customer needs, it has often exceeded these capacities, going up to 100,000 liters. The variety of the olives is either one of 2 types: “Kalinjot and Frontoi”, providing extra virgin olive oil.